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Students often want to know how will a particular skill help them in the real-world. I want my students to move from simply consuming large amounts of information to being effective communicators and creators of learning pathways. With this in mind, I ask students to give tips on how to create awesome presentations that we craft into a toolkit. This toolkit includes information on digital tools and information delivery. This toolkit acts as a user guide for the performance-based assessment process.

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Creating Awesome Projectile Motion Presentations

Unit 3: Projectile Motion
Lesson 13 of 16

Objective: Students will use TED talks and a Frayer model to create informative and engaging physics presentations on projectile motion.

Big Idea: Edmodo provides students with autonomy over learning about projectile motion in a way that is authentic and meaningful.

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Science, Physical Science, physics, performance based assessment, Projectile Motion
  80 minutes
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