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As my students were writing on the board and discussing their schematics, I realized I should have given everyone a half sheet of paper with the source and the target and asked them to draw a successful "hit". Then we could have put some on the document camera to share with the whole class. 

Sometimes, in the moment, I find I grow as a professional.  Why hadn't I thought of this first?  Busy, tired, all of the things we always say.  However, I thought of it and will use it tomorrow as an opener and review. 

Keep your good ideas.  Even if a lesson is over, place them in later as a source of assessment, review, or continuation. 

  An Ah-Ha Moment for the Teacher
  Exit Tickets: An Ah-Ha Moment for the Teacher
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Phase Two of Reflected Light

Unit 6: Light Energy
Lesson 6 of 11

Objective: Students will be able to apply knowledge of the line of reflection.

Big Idea: Following a lot of fun work with reflection, students will prove their knowledge and create complex mazes for light to travel.

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Science, Light, trial and error, reflection, investigation, shadow
  45 minutes
reflected light moon
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