Reflection: Coherence Sagarmatha Trek - Section 1: The Why Behind the Video


I am always feeling a little guilty thinking that a film is a good instruction tool, but it can be excellent if thoughtfully done!  I always begin by setting them up with rich questions and think that it is the best way to send the message that they are accountable for information presented.

  Coherence: Using Video to Generate Scientific Connections
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Sagarmatha Trek

Unit 4: Weathering
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Objective: Students observe evidence of weathering,erosion, and technology that makes life easier in the Himalayas

Big Idea: This personal journey to Nepal by a Wisconsin paraprofessional is an outstanding way to have students understand the remoteness of the area and how weathering affects the lives and the land.

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Science, Social Studies, weathering, Mt. Everest, Mountain Climbing, glaciers, engineering, soil
  60 minutes
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