Reflection: Checks for Understanding Life Cycle of A Tree/Plant - Section 5: Evaluate


Having a quick 30 second one to one with my students is my favorite thing to do! It gives me a chance to interact with each kid individually, makes the kids feel important and allows me to see how much understanding each child has gained from each lesson.

Since the one to one is to see how much they've learned, I try not to correct them unless they state a misconception that completely undermines the science concept. In the video, I listen to Alonso explain the life cycle of his tree. The only time I intercede is when he asks me what he should call the sprout. Otherwise he has the basic idea of the life cycle of a plant, and that's all that is needed at this time.

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Life Cycle of A Tree/Plant

Unit 2: Walking alive...or not???
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT independently explain the life cycle of a tree by creating and using a circular flow chart.

Big Idea: This lesson introduces students to the concept of a "circle of life" through the life cycle of a tree. It is the foundation for future life cycle lessons.

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Science, life cycles
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