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Writing across the discipline is our current initiative for professional development school wide.  It has been a challenge to say the least, especially for science, history, and math.  One of the areas that as a science department we have focused on is the use of claims, evidence, and reasoning.  What has shown to be successful has been the use of graphic organizers to scaffold the writing process.  The CERC graphic organizer has allowed students organize their thoughts but most importantly  is has allowed students to visually connect all three elements of an evidence based argument (Claim, Evidence, Reasoning).  It has given the structure and direction that our students need in order to complete a rigorous task such as this.

  Claim Evidence Reasoning
  Writing Across the Disciplines: Claim Evidence Reasoning
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The Brain: Structure and Function

Unit 5: From Molecules to Organisms: Systems & The Human Body
Lesson 13 of 18

Objective: SWBAT to identify major parts of my brain along with its corresponding function.

Big Idea: Students explore brain structure and function.

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