Reflection: Real World Applications Part 2-The Structure of the Earth - Section 4: Elaborate/Evaluate


*I created this matrix for students to organize details accurately according to the categories so they can analyze and understand the similarities and differences between the scaled model of Earth's layers and the actual data of Earth's layers. Using a compare and contrast matrix helps students organize their thinking to then "see" relationships between topics and make sense of the information. In addition, it can be used as a study guide or reference sheet to prepare a venn diagram, study for a test, write a paragraph or essay, or draw conclusions based on data.

  Compare and Contrast Matrix
  Real World Applications: Compare and Contrast Matrix
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Part 2-The Structure of the Earth

Unit 4: Earth's Changing Surface
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Objective: SWBAT identify and describe the Earth's four main layers: the crust, mantle, outer core, and inner core using model.

Big Idea: Students will create a model the Earth’s four layers according to their relative size and thickness.

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Science, Earth and Space Science, Earth's Struture
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