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From the students' work samples, I can see they took away the main objective of both the mechanical energy and mass and mechanical energy and position lab. The students had access to their lab work from the previous labs when writing these conclusions.  I chose to show this section of the conclusion, to demonstrate the lead up to the actual conclusion writing.  Writing a paragraph with supporting evidence is not an easy task for a student with learning disabilities.  They need to ease into the task and this assignment provides that scaffolding for them.  By answering the first few sections of the lesson, students will have time to sort through their thoughts, putting them into an organized way. 

  Students with Disabilities: Student Work Samples
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Mechanical Energy Lab Conclusion Writing

Unit 5: Motion and Energy
Lesson 7 of 11

Objective: SWBAT write a detailed conclusion about mechanical energy, position and mass using evidence from prior lab activities.

Big Idea: This lesson is for students to master the skill of conclusion writing and using evidence to support their writing.

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Science, Motion, Conservation of Energy, Energy Conversion, position, mass, Energy, mechanical
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