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For this student, writing is especially challenging as she reads a few grade levels lower than 6th and English is also not her first language.  For her, I add sentence starters so that when she is composing her thoughts, she knows where to start to make her thinking more clear. You can see from the sample that she understands that friction is an obstacle that causes things to move more slowly.  She is also able to infer that without friction, things would go much faster and possibly never stop. 

  Students with Disabilities: Student Response Sample
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Friction Lab

Unit 5: Motion and Energy
Lesson 8 of 11

Objective: SWBAT create a definition for friction and explain its effect on motion.

Big Idea: By observing a demo and collecting data, students will create their own definition for friction.

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Science, Motion, Conservation of Energy, Energy Conversion, position, mass, Energy, mechanical
  45 minutes
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