Reflection: Student Self-Assessment Mechanical Energy and Position - Section 5: Evaluate


It's necessary for students to be able to explain what they know and how they know it.  In this case, I asked the students to reflect on their experience about which cart had the most potential or kinetic energy.  While this student didn't articulate his thoughts in the most grammatically correct format, he was able to tell me that objects that are higher have more potential energy and he knew this because of the calculated speed.  

  Student Self-Assessment: Student Thoughts
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Mechanical Energy and Position

Unit 5: Motion and Energy
Lesson 6 of 11

Objective: SWBAT identify the relationship between mechanical energy and an object's position through self-collected data.

Big Idea: Students find out that the height of an object effects its mechanical energy by using carts and ramps.

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Science, Motion, Conservation of Energy, Energy Conversion, position, mass, Energy, mechanical
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