Reflection: ELL Students Part 2- How Does Physicial Weathering Impact Earth's Surface? - Section 3: Elaborate/Evaluate


In this lesson, I included sentence frames on the examine claim support weathering graphic organizer to help my students construct scientific explanations.  I find this to be helpful to all of my students as they apply their scientific thinking to written explanations. It gave them structure and support as they continue to work improving their written language in science.  This sample illustrates how students develop an explanation. It begins with observations of physical weathering images.  Then they make a claim about which physical weathering factor, (that they learned about in this lesson), they believe created that change in the Earth's surface. And finally, they use their observations as evidence and scientific reasoning to support their claim.  

I use sentence frames because I want all of my students to develop their writing and speaking skills by using academic language in complex sentences. By giving them a sentence frame, students are better able to explain their thinking and develop the ability to write complex sentences which will facilitate growth in their language proficiency. My English language learners and special education students benefit from these frames throughout many lessons. These and other sentence frames give students support and encourages them to communicate their thinking orally and through writing.

  ELL Students: Use of sentence frames and starters
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Part 2- How Does Physicial Weathering Impact Earth's Surface?

Unit 4: Earth's Changing Surface
Lesson 5 of 11

Objective: SWBAT explain how physical weathering slowly changes the Earth's surface.

Big Idea: Students will construct a scientific explanation that uses evidence from images to support their claim of which physical weathering factor caused the change in the Earth's surface.

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