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As described in my video, my students struggled most with the multiple choice. All along they have been asking me if the tests will be multiple choice. When I finally give them my version of multiple choice, they are not asking for it anymore! I think what they struggled with the most was that the multiple choice questions required use of free body diagrams to easily draw conclusions from. Since it was not directly stated that they should draw them, they did not and then did not do well on the questions. In the future I would add a sentence in the instructions before the multiple choice to advise them to draw free body diagrams. I also think that I will add a practice test in before the test where there are multiple choice questions they can practice with before a summative grade.

  Multiple choice=not so easy...
  Unit Exams: Multiple choice=not so easy...
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Unit 4 Test: Inertia and Interactions

Unit 4: Inertia and Interactions
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: Students will be able to answer questions regarding Newton's 1st and 3rd laws and free body diagrams.

Big Idea: Students show their knowledge on the inertia and interactions test.

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