Reflection: High Quality Task I Am A Geotechnical Engineer! - Section 2: Taking Core Samples


Sometimes all goes perfectly and sometimes it doesn't! Today, we struggled a bit with the tubes I had provided. They were pond hose tubes. I would suggest a more rigid plastic tube. Perhaps a container of some kind. The pond hose didn't want to take all the layers into it for some reason. It is rigid enough, I just think the material it is made of makes it slippery inside. If you place your finger over the top when you take the sample, it keeps it from sliding out. 

But, in this experience, students really got a good understanding of what it was like to take a core sample of the earth. I tried to explain to them that large machines take core samples of rocky areas when looking for certain minerals for mining purposes. They seemed to enjoy the sampling and sketching and go the concept quickly. They could connect that core sampling is the first step to defining the problem when trying to build a structure.

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I Am A Geotechnical Engineer!

Unit 4: Weathering
Lesson 10 of 15

Objective: Students become aware of the engineering process through inquiry, data collection and core samples of soil

Big Idea: Students are the engineers that determine where a footbridge should be built in our community through the use of core samples and maps of the river.

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Science, weathering, engineering, Working in Pairs, Modeling with Science, glaciers, soil
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