Reflection: Rigor Energy Transfer Presentations - Day 1 - Section 3: Energy Transfer Presentations


At our school, we have six school-wide Learning Expectations that all teachers are expected to foster. We expect all graduates of our school to be:

a) Effective Communicators

b) Skilled Information Processors

c) Complex Thinkers

d) Collaborative Workers

e) Self-Directed Learners and

f) Responsible Citizens

This investigation assesses the first four of these. Here is a short review of one team's presentation and my thoughts about how I can assess two of those four by examining the contents of the students' slides.

 The project was also designed to provide students with opportunities to engage in all eight of the NGSS Science and Engineering practices. In this next screencast, I look at how some student teams made that connection explicitly. I provided students with a template that included the eight practices, but this team really reviewed their work and found ways to reflect the practices in much of their investigation.


  Assessing Higher-Order Learning Goals
  Rigor: Assessing Higher-Order Learning Goals
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Energy Transfer Presentations - Day 1

Unit 3: Electricity and Energy Transfer
Lesson 11 of 13

Objective: Students will present their findings from a recent energy transfer investigation to their peers for critique.

Big Idea: Scientists present their findings, like ours about the transfer of energy, to one another to strengthen the discipline of science.

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