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This complex task required students to use a variety of skills, on in particular was the use of evidence from multiple sources to support a claim.  As can be seen by the student work students for the most part used evidence but there were some posters that included opinions rather that evidence based arguments.  This is important feedback that I will continue to use when developing lessons that require the use of Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning.  As I mentioned earlier it's also crucial for us as teachers to communicate the differences between scientific facts and personal values.  I will continue to bring up controversial topic such as this because it facilitates student discussion and a genuine curiosity of science processes.  

  Use of Evidence
  Complex Tasks: Use of Evidence
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Stem Cells - The Debate Goes On

Unit 5: From Molecules to Organisms: Systems & The Human Body
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Objective: SWBAT illustrate the function of stem cells and identify both sides of the the stem cell debate.

Big Idea: Using a controversial topic to explore stem cells and their possible impact on our lives creates an engaging lesson.

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