Reflection: Checks for Understanding Viewing Plant & Animal Cells - Section 1: Bell Ringer - "A Video Is Worth A Thousand Words"


The purpose of an Admit Ticket (Slip) is to have students write brief, meaningful comments about the material in a video or text. It is a quick start up to the class period and provide a smooth transition into the lesson.

In Science, Admit Tickets provide a quick idea of how well students understood the video or text. The material may have been assigned as homework or used in class as a Bell Ringer. Students show their understanding of the material as they summarize and synthesize the information. Admit Tickets should be collected from students but not assessed for a grade. Admit Tickets are a way to provide information and feedback to guide the instruction.

I ask student to complete the Admit Ticket after viewing the video. I provide a Sentence Frame because they provide a frame for a complete sentence. Sentence Frames help students incorporate higher levels of academic language in their writing. It's best practice.

Some student responses to the video include:

Now I know....

we only need one piece of skin from the onion.

that we are not supposed to let the onion skin fold in two or it won't work.

in order to see cells of an inion, you will need a very thin layer of skin.

to see onion cells better, you stain them with iodine.

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  Checks for Understanding: An Admit Slip
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Viewing Plant & Animal Cells

Unit 4: Pond Study: Plant & Animal Cells
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: SWBAT prepare and observe cells from both a plant (onion) and animal (cheek).

Big Idea: Cells can vary in size, shape, and function, but they all have some features in common. In this two day investigation, students will use a microscope to explore and discover!

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