Reflection: Joy Introduction to Engineering Practices - Section 4: Sharing Our Solutions


This lesson was a great way to introduce engineering. This is what science is about! While the problem was remotely related to weathering, it still was the right idea to give students the materials to create a solution to a problem.

There were levels of frustration that I hadn't seen before because of the limitations I set. We talked about cost and the importance of remembering if our designs got too crazy, a snowblower was a more feasible option. So, I think it stretched their minds in directions they never had been! I loved this lesson!

  Joy: This is What it is About!
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Introduction to Engineering Practices

Unit 4: Weathering
Lesson 9 of 15

Objective: Students are introduced to the engineering process.

Big Idea: Using Legos, students define a problem and create a solution to the problem using the engineering process.

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Science, weathering, Language Arts, inventions, engineering, Group Problem Solving, glaciers, soil
  70 minutes
engaged classroom
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