Reflection: Students with Disabilities This Candy is Not What it Seems - Section 2: Day One - Grabbing Their Attention


One of our local grocery stores has the most amazing selection of gummy candies in every shape and size you can imagine.  I go there every year to purchase about a pound an a half of gummy bears.  That amount seems to be the perfect amount to get us through the investigation from beginning to end.  The gummy bears are not a specialty variety of any sort.  I am pretty sure the kids in my class and classes past really do not mind that I am not getting the name brand candy.  

This year, I happen to have had a little person with an allergy to red dye.  I really did not want this little one to miss out on the investigation.  So in working with the parent, we found that gummy bears could be purchased without the red dye.  Her mom was able to send in the special gummy bears for her and she was able to do all the activities with us from start to finish.  

This was really important to her and to me.  Especially, because I knew how engaging this lesson would be.  I was glad we went the extra mile on this lesson for this child.  The NGSS actually has an appendix that addresses the needs of all students being met and included.  I love this!!! It really proves and supports what classroom teachers have said for so many years.....all our students can learn this. 

The appendix is clear about all the different types of diversity within the student ranks that cannot be excluded.  It has done a thorough job of explaining that there will be no child left out of learning about science.  


  Brands of Candy and Allergies
  Students with Disabilities: Brands of Candy and Allergies
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This Candy is Not What it Seems

Unit 4: Unit 4- The Alpine Mountain Environment
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Objective: SWBAT conduct an investigation using gummy bears to explore physical changes.

Big Idea: This lesson works through the investigative process with a common candy, gummy bears. It offers children the opportunity to begin with a question and work it through to draw a conclusion.

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