Reflection: Unit Exams Wrapping It All Up-Showing What We Know about Nutrition - Section 2: Assessment Activity


This was a really fun assessment activity.  The students enjoyed working together and creating their menu for the day.  They felt very "grown up", making important decisions about what they were to eat.  They also demonstrated a great amount of teamwork as they worked together to make the menu decisions while taking into consideration everyone's opinion.

Beyond that, I was really able to gather some great information about what the students knew about nutrition.  They had to discern between healthy and unhealthy food choices.  They needed to show that they had some concept of what a balanced meal was and also what was an appropriate amount of food, not too much, not too little.  Just looking at their plates, I gathered this information. 

I also learned a great deal from their discussions.  Hearing the students say things like, "There is not enough fruit." and "We need more protein." showed me that the students really did understand some foundational nutritional concepts.  Yes, they are basic, but they will be built upon in years to come. 

  Wrapping It Up
  Unit Exams: Wrapping It Up
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Wrapping It All Up-Showing What We Know about Nutrition

Unit 3: Exploring Nutrition
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Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of nutrition by completing a fun performance task.

Big Idea: Children can have a major impact on the food choices in their household. This fun, culminating project will reflect the students knowledge of nutrition.

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