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I was really excited about this lesson.  I thought this activity would help the concept be more concrete for the students.  It did...eventually.  The one thing that I failed to consider was that the students really wanted to remove the blocks from the tower.  They didn't care whether the food was healthy or not...they just wanted to remove a block.

I had to stop the lesson and explain to the students that they did not want to have a block removed from their tower.  That it was a really good thing to NOT have to remove a block.  The students understood, but they still were a little disappointed when they didn't get to remove one.  It finally took a lot of cheering and coaching from me and the paraprofessional that works in my classroom to get the students to get excited about not removing a block.

If you do this lesson, I would suggest that you really stress that the students want their towers to remain standing, how it is a really GOOD thing to not have to remove a block from the tower.  Once the students understood, I think this lesson went well, but it took longer to get there than it should have.

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The Tumbling Tower-Making Good Food Choices

Unit 3: Exploring Nutrition
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: Students will be able to discern healthy and unhealthy foods by participating in a simulation.

Big Idea: Students will love this lesson that includes the game Jenga to help them make good food choices.

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