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Our lessons have evolved (some may say ‘devolved’!) from the study of fun and friendly fish to simple isopods.  Boy, were they wrong!  Who ever knew that bugs could be so much fun?  Lately, I’ve been asking the families in my class to help add to our collection by gathering some animals for us to share.  Since much of the collecting is an important part of our curriculum, I use these animals for extension activities or simple observation.  This is an ideal way to connect to prior knowledge because it helps us to see this simple isopod in a whole new light.  With pill bugs and sowbugs however, this collecting took on another dimension.   As I said goodbye for the day after this lesson, many of the students said “Yeah!  I’m going to look for pill bugs tonight!” in the same voice they’d tell me they were going to the local pizza arcade.  I just love how a ‘lowly’ isopod could become such an enjoyable ambassador for animals everywhere (but especially for the ones that live under rocks!).

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Bug Buddies- Balanced Isopods

Unit 4: Bug Buddies
Lesson 1 of 3

Objective: Students will use a diagram to record the difference between selected isopods.

Big Idea: What do the differences in isopods indicate about their function and environment?

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Science, Science Skills, Vocabulary and Concept Development, compare and contrast, Isopods, bug
  40 minutes
isopod evolution
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