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I have used this unit test with students for the past three years. This year's class was highly successful at demonstrating their understanding of salmon on the test. In past years, students had struggled with the final section of the test which asks them to determine whether a statement is true or false and then to correct the item if they marked it as false. This task requires a two-step process and was something that I needed to scaffold for my students. This year, I included questions of this type on my ELA and mathematics exam to help students to be better prepared for the question type on this exam. I have found great value in this type of question as there are multiple ways students can correct and incorrect response. 

  Salmon Assessment Design
  Unit Exams: Salmon Assessment Design
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Salmon - Assessment

Unit 8: Salmon
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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate their knowledge of the life cycle of the salmon and species of salmon on the unit assessment.

Big Idea: Assessment demonstrates content mastered by the students in the salmon unit.

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Science, Biology / Life Science, life cycle, Salmon, assessment
  60 minutes
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