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The students really had fun with this activity and I thought it really gave me an opportunity to see the depth of knowledge the students had about needs and wants.  The structure of the game was quite simple, the students had to collect their basic needs.  Yet, this simple structure told me a lot about what the students knew and understood about the concept of needs and wants.

First of all, the students needed to decide if the card they picked showed a "need" or a "want".  The students also needed to categorize the need...was it shelter, clothing, etc.?  These two steps of the game gave me a great deal of knowledge about the students' level of understanding.  The piece that was really valuable for me was listening to their rationale for whether an item was a need or a want and where it belonged on their game card.  This is where the depth of understanding really shows.  It the video, you will see a student talking about a stocking cap as being a need.  She is explaining why it is a need, talking about "frostbite" (a reality in Minnesota if you are outside unprotected from the elements).  She really demonstrated the level of knowledge I was hoping to observe in my students.  She was also showing her ability to dialogue on a subject, which is an important step in scientific discourse. 

Sometimes as teachers, it is tempting to sneak a few minutes of our "own time" when students are playing an academic game.  The informal assessment that takes place during such activities and the modeling that the teacher can provide when students lack discourse skills makes those few minutes spent with the students priceless. 

  A Simple Game-Complex Knowledge
  Complex Tasks: A Simple Game-Complex Knowledge
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I Need That!-Further Exploration of Our Basic Needs

Unit 3: Exploring Nutrition
Lesson 4 of 9

Objective: Students will be able to identify basic needs by categorizing them in a game.

Big Idea: Students will have fun playing this game that allows them to classify the different basic human needs.

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