Reflection: Lesson Planning Let's Get it Straight - Section 4: Active Engagement


Although the students in the first video of this section had wonderful questions and worked like scientists to make sense of their questions, the reason they inquired is due to my poor planning. 

Index cards are translucent, so some of the light went through the cards onto the "wall" card. I should have spent more time exploring the lab myself.  Next year, I will use cardboard pieces with holes, or I will tape several index cards together to put the holes in. 

This is science, learning from information in each experiment and figuring out how to improve it. 

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  Lesson Planning: Differently Next Year
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Let's Get it Straight

Unit 6: Light Energy
Lesson 4 of 11

Objective: Students will be able to discover that the path of light is a straight line.

Big Idea: This lesson will engage students in experiments that will define the path of light. This must be covered before we can explore how we can use light in different ways and how light responds.

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Science, Light, questioning, investigation, reflection, shadow
  50 minutes
path of light
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