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Why Interactive Read Aloud?

Quality read-alouds are ones that allow children to be actively involved in asking and answering questions as well as making predictions.  There is a lot of research that states interactive read-alouds help students make gains in vocabulary development and comprehension. In these interactive read-alouds my students do more than just talk. They are asked to analyze information, make predictions, share their inferences, as well as share their thinking and pose thought provoking questions.


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  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Science Literature
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The Sun's Energy

Unit 3: Unit 3: Celetial Patterns: The Sun, The Moon and Stars
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Objective: SWBAT identify the sun as the heat source that warms the Earth each day in a predictable pattern.

Big Idea: Come and learn all about temperature! Students will learn how to use a thermometer and use that information to investigate the daily pattern of the sun's solar energy!

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