Reflection: Student Grouping Planning and Conducting a Moon Investigation - Section 4: Exploration (The Space Walk!)


With the movement of one-to-one devices into classrooms, it's important for teachers to be cognizant of best practices for the blended learning model.  Namely, students should have flexible groups, the chance to collaborate with the technology in shared learning experiences, and also not give up the paper-and-pencil recording when it is an appropriate addition.

In this lesson, students were grouped based on their choice of recording options.  For example, students who all chose to record the moon phases on a sequence chart were grouped as a team of 3 or 4.  This guarantees that students will not always be working with the same peers.  

I then like my groups to be comfy around the classroom.  What 6-year old (or 40-year old, for that matter) wants to sit at a desk all day?  I assign areas to students, but I want them to only have 1 ipad per area.  This way, they are working as a group, must stay on pace together, and are much more likely to have meaningful discussions about their observations.

I managed the ipads by assigning a group leader to make sure students stayed on pace.  Check it out here and here!

  Student Grouping: Blended Learning
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Planning and Conducting a Moon Investigation

Unit 3: Space: Patterns in the Sky
Lesson 8 of 16

Objective: SWBAT conduct an investigation to answer a question.

Big Idea: How long does it take for the moon to go through a set of phases? More importantly, what does it look like when first graders plan an investigation? Here, students will *plan* and *conduct* an investigation of the moon's phases.

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