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One really powerful thing I try to do that helps my students persevere through very complex lessons is using positive reinforcement. Now, first I also make a connection with every child. After discovering the interests of each child. I share something with them that we have in common. For example, this student loves Pete the Cat, so I tell him all about how I like Pete too. I even do some read alouds when I read the Pete the Cat books. I found him some catalogs that sell all kinds of Pete the Cat stuff. Then he brought Pete the toy to school one day, so Pete could watch our class. Next, I noticed Pete would be sitting at our table each day during small group. Pete watches our lessons very closely, but he does have to go home with his owner daily. 

No, we are not allowed to have the kids bring toys, but this students has made huge progress. He is motivated by having his stuffed "Pete the Cat" watch our lessons. It causes  no distraction and the students really enjoy it. So, I do kind of break the rules a little, but I have students going above and beyond.  

  Positive Reinforcement: Classroom Culture
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Patterns in the Stars

Unit 5: The Sun, Earth, and Moon
Lesson 10 of 11

Objective: SWBAT explain why stars are visible in the night and not the day.

Big Idea: Allow students to particpate in answering a scientific question by reading about and exploring the stars.

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