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Whenever you do a lab, particularly one in which you have a lot of moving parts or pieces, I think it's important to do as much of the preparation as you can, if not all of it, beforehand. Like a great chef, it's important to have everything set out and ready when it comes time to cook. Usually for me, that involves setting and parsing out all the materials in pre-sorted bins or containers. Then, all I usually have to do is pick a student to pass them out, and the students can focus their time on completing the actual lab activity. To have them measure, sort, or count out things is mostly a huge time waster when they could be doing more learning appropriate things, and the transition to the lab is so much smoother the more prepared you are!

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Radioactivity Lab

Unit 3: Earth's History
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Objective: SWBAT complete a lab modeling the half-life of a radioactive element [LAB]

Big Idea: Radioactive decay is a process of observing recurring half-lives in radioactive substances, and this process can be modeled directly by using (delicious) M&Ms to represent the process of radioactive decay.

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