Reflection: Classroom Setup Geological Sequence Lab - Section 4: Geologic Cross-Sections


During group work (which is a large component of my overall classwork time), laboratory work, and the like, I try to think very constructively about student groupings. This is both from a behavioral management ("which best friends can't sit together?"), logistical ("who can't see from the back of the room?"), and academic ("what students can help those who struggle the most?") standpoint. In this section, I attached a picture from a recent lab showing a good student grouping - a mix of different ability levels, wherein the higher students get a lot of benefit from directly helping the students who struggle. I truly feel one of the best ways to learn content is to teach it to someone else, and I think this is an excellent strategy to utilize for some of your more advanced learners in being asked to support some of their teammates who might need a bit of an extra academic push. 

  Classroom Setup: Student Groupings
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Geological Sequence Lab

Unit 3: Earth's History
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Objective: SWBAT identify uncomformities and establish a geological sequence in rock layers [Lab - Sequence of Events]

Big Idea: Students get the opportunity to put their newfound knowledge to the test as geological detectives placing what happened in what order in the geologic past

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Science, Earth and Space Science, Geology, sequence of events
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