Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Day 2 - Fresh Water vs Salt Water - Section 2: Question for the Day


In a previous unit students explored buoyancy and density, while preparing their 'soda cup lander'. The next time I present this lab, I will take the time to connect these terms with this lab. Buoyancy will be a term that I will introduce at the beginning of the lab as it connects easily with our observations, i.e. how buoyant was the object.

Many students had an idea that the salt adds more 'stuff' to the water, and a few described the salt water as being more dense. Next time, after the salt and fresh water observations are summarized, I will connect student's previous learning experiences of using the scale to measure density by demonstrating that salt water is more dense than fresh water.

  science vocabulary- bouyancy and density
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: science vocabulary- bouyancy and density
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Day 2 - Fresh Water vs Salt Water

Unit 4: Unit 4 - Surface Water and Landform Interactions
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Objective: SWBAT compare the density of fresh water and salt water while applying the scientific process.

Big Idea: Students write conclusions about salt water and fresh water and compare which one is more dense.

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