Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Introduction to Engineering Practices - Section 1: It's a Totally New Concept...but Not Really


I found that they really didn't know what engineering was, even after the exposure to geotechnical engineering in our lesson the day before. It made me realize that I would really need to focus on getting them to understand through this SB file that it was more than a person who drives a train. The engineering component added and integrated into NGSS is an essential part of the science standards because it really helps students understand how science it put into practice. This next part does not really have anything to do with weathering, unless they take the challenge of creating a snow shovel that can move snow on a four foot sidewalk as I will suggest! But, it does have to do with getting used to the engineering processes; to get their brains thinking along scientific thought processes and reasoning. It's going to be challenging! So, we start light and we start with "scientific play" before we get into more difficult problems to solve.

  Discourse and Questioning: Taking Our Time To Discuss
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Introduction to Engineering Practices

Unit 4: Weathering
Lesson 9 of 15

Objective: Students are introduced to the engineering process.

Big Idea: Using Legos, students define a problem and create a solution to the problem using the engineering process.

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Science, weathering, Language Arts, inventions, engineering, Group Problem Solving, glaciers, soil
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