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Veteran teachers are able to identify student misconceptions long before they even begin the curricular unit.  Even though the students have not started to study the content, teachers who are in-tune with their craft already know what the stumbling blocks will be for the unit.  I recommend that teachers meet these misconceptions head on in the first few days of a new unit of study so students do not spend time being confused or risk getting frustrated and give up.  I am not saying spoon feed the content, but if teachers can incorporate the misconceptions and the corresponding factual content, then students are able to build their understanding from the beginning and will have a more enjoyable time in your classroom.

Students need to be challenged, but if we can help guide them to stay the course of understanding then they will remain engaged and wanting to come back for more Biology each day!

  Stopping Misconceptions Before They Start
  Real World Applications: Stopping Misconceptions Before They Start
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Pre-Lab Activity: Milk Makes Me Sick Investigation (Part 1 of 2)

Unit 4: How It All Happens: An Introduction To Biochemistry
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Objective: SWBAT label and create a written narration of a model that depicts enzymatic activity in the human body in preparation for a laboratory investigation.

Big Idea: What is happening to your breakfast as we speak? Without enzymes, your favorite donut would end up a rotting mess, but have no fear your enzymes are working overtime to ensure homeostasis throughout your body!

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