Reflection: Student Ownership Looking For Lipids - Section 4: Guided Practice: Lipid Investigation


Too often the concept of organic molecules can get swept under the rug with a quick review in the textbook and nothing more.  What a disservice to our students!  The unit on organic molecules in Biology is a rich opportunity for our students to build models of these molecules and participate in hands-on inquiry labs that encourages students to discover the world around them.  This lesson encourages students to build a paper model of a lipid and then test various substances to determine if they are lipids.  By modeling and investigations, students are more likely to understand the curriculum and build confidence and enthusiasm for your course.  So remember . . . build models, investigate through experiments, and cultivate the next generation of scientists in your classroom!

  Modeling and Investigations
  Student Ownership: Modeling and Investigations
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Looking For Lipids

Unit 4: How It All Happens: An Introduction To Biochemistry
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Objective: SWBAT construct a model of a lipid molecule and test unknown substances to determine if they are composed of lipids.

Big Idea: How can we identify one organic molecule from the next? Students will investigate the physical properties of lipids through a laboratory activity.

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Science, Biology / Life Science, Chemistry, Elements / Periodic Table, fatty acids, Biochemistry, lipids, Organic Molecules, carbohydrates, oil
  56 minutes
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