Reflection: Real World Applications Conceptualizing Carbohydrates - Section 3: Independent Practice: Carbohydrate Playing Cards


Biology students struggle with conceptualizing the abstract structure of carbohydrates and the chemical process that allows monosaccharides to form a polysaccharide molecule. By taking this difficult concept and presenting it as a "card game" or even baseball trading cards with the image on the front and the statistics on the back, students are able to connect to experiences from their childhood and have fun with the activity.  These cards can also serve as a study tool when the students prepare for an upcoming assessment. 

Biology does not have to boring or difficult! By repackaging something that is abstract into a familiar set-up, students are more willing to buy-in and will experience greater success in Biology. I think it would be a great demonstration if you bring in baseball cards to compare side by side with our Carbohydrate Cards. Have fun with this lesson and don't be afraid to try something new with your students!

  Carbohydrate Card Game
  Real World Applications: Carbohydrate Card Game
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Conceptualizing Carbohydrates

Unit 4: How It All Happens: An Introduction To Biochemistry
Lesson 7 of 11

Objective: SWBAT create a model of the dehydration synthesis chemical reaction and develop a detailed narration to describe this process.

Big Idea: Students will bring an abstract concept into focus at their desktops by creating a model of how polymers are formed and write a explanation of the chemical reaction process.

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Science, Chemistry, Biology / Life Science, Elements / Periodic Table, polymers, carbohydrates, dehydration synthesis, chemical reaction, periodic table, Organic Molecules
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