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To help students apply unifying ideas and make connections across science content, I continually try to inspire students to begin thinking about the ideas that will be presented and explored in upcoming lessons.

For example, in this conference, Students Discussing the Brightness of the Sun, I encourage these two students to begin thinking about the relationships between the apparent brightness of stars and their distances from Earth. We will begin exploring this concept tomorrow as it aligns with NGSS Standard 5-ESS1-1: Support an argument that the apparent brightness of the sun and stars is due to their relative distances from Earth.  

Due to this conversation, these two students will be able to make a better connection between today's lesson and tomorrow's lesson. 

I call this "front-loading" as students are encouraged to begin thinking about key information in future lessons. As a result, the students will be better prepared to continue these conversations tomorrow. 

  Pacing: Front-Loading
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Similar & Different Stars

Unit 4: The Sun & Earth' s Patterns
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT describe how stars are similar and different.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students explore how stars are similar and different by researching online sources. Then, students construct evidence-based arguments using their research.

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Science, Earth and Space Science, Research and Technology, sun, stars, stars, star brightness, pattern, time, seasons
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