Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Introduction to Rocks - Section 2: Warm Up


Preassessments are so important as part of a unit so we can gauge how much our students learn. However, they are also helpful in letting us know what our students already know (background knowledge) and what misconceptions (things they think they know, but are incorrect) our students have. In this lesson, my students explored some rocks at their tables for about 5 minutes. This served to engage them and also as a preassessment. I walked around and listened to their conversations - and found out that a few of my students already knew all about minerals!! I did not expect that - I am so glad I know, because now I can use those students as experts and they can be the leaders of small groups! Watch how my students talk about what "Looks Like a Mineral".

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: What Do They Already Know?
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Introduction to Rocks

Unit 7: Rocks & Minerals
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Objective: SWBAT describe the physical properties of rocks in this introductory lesson.

Big Idea: Rough? Smooth? Tiny? Huge? The physical characteristics of rocks tell us a lot - including how it was formed!

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Science, volcanoes, mineral, First Grade, 1.E.2.1 Summarize the physical properties of Earth materials, including rocks, minerals, soils, and water that make them useful in different ways. , fossils, rocks
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