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Interactive Reading

The interactive reading strategy is used to engage students with specific text. It encourages students to go back into the text, find specific details to answer questions, and make connections to experiences in their life.  These actions help develop and strengthen comprehensions skills for students to eventually become independent readers.  For teachers, it is a chance to identify gaps in student’s comprehension skills by monitoring how they interact with text and what they write for notes or responses to questions.  

I selected the interactive reading strategy for this portion of the Perfect Storm...Effects of Severe Weather to engage my students in learning about four specific types of storms, thunderstorm, tornado, hurricane, and blizzard.  I used this strategy to have my students connect with text about each storm by drawing models, identifying the cause and effect of each one, and obtaining information safety precautions. This required them to apply critical thinking skills to complete each task. Students had an active role in developing their comprehension skills by engaging with the text and taking notes on a graphic organizer. Overall, my students were successful using this strategy.  I provided them with small chunks of reading passages which helped them stay focus and not overwhelmed with too much information.  They were able to pull out cause and effect details about each storm and record it on their matrix note-taking chart.  For some of my lower students, special education students, and English language learners, I grouped them with me at the start to give them guided practice on reading a passage. I used think aloud to model how to read a passage and determine which details are relevant for the matrix.  This support sets them up to be successful with the assignment.

  Interactive Reading
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Interactive Reading
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5. The Perfect Storm...Effects of Severe Weather

Unit 1: Weather
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Objective: SWBAT identify the causes and effects of severe weather.

Big Idea: Students distinguish causes and effects of four types of severe weather. Then they pretend to be a storm chaser by selecting one type of severe weather and create a poster illustrating safety precautions.

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