Reflection: Real World Applications The ABC's of Biology: Acids, Bases, and Compounds! - Section 3: Direct Instruction - Making Sense Of The pH Scale


The concept of the pH scale is routine in Biology.  Students are used to teacher-scripted labs that guide them through each step so there is no creative requirements for the participants in the activity.

By transforming this lesson into a student-inquiry activity, students are able to create the procedure through careful analysis of the question (guiding idea) and the available supplies.  Students need to be mindful of the details in their procedure to ensure that another lab group can successfully complete their investigation as it is written.  The students will struggle with creating their own investigative procedures in the beginning of the school year, but will eventually flourish by the end of the second semester.  Don't give up on your students and continue to provide the scientific guidance and encouragement to demonstrate to your students that the inquiry process is far more valuable in their learning!

  The Inquiry Process with Acid and Bases
  Real World Applications: The Inquiry Process with Acid and Bases
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The ABC's of Biology: Acids, Bases, and Compounds!

Unit 4: How It All Happens: An Introduction To Biochemistry
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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate their understanding of acids and bases through this inquiry-based activity by creating their own laboratory model of the pH scale.

Big Idea: What does it mean to have a pH of 2 versus a pH of 12? Students will discover first hand the pH values of unknown substances and construct their own model of the pH scale.

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Science, Acids and Bases, Chemistry, Biology / Life Science, Elements / Periodic Table, pH, student, periodic table, carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids, proteins, Organic Molecules
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