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 Four Square Note Taking

Four square graphic organizers help students arrange their understanding of key concepts within a lesson.  This type of graphic organizer can be used for vocabulary words, new information, and/or review of past content.  Students internalize and reinforce information presented within a lesson by connecting prior knowledge and experience with new material. It becomes a visual framework for students to enhance their learning and structure thinking. Effective use of a four graphic organizer develops students’ thinking skills and helps them become more successful with understanding new material. They can be integrated into almost any curriculum as needed.

For this lesson, Air Masses and Fronts Meet in the Sky, I selected a four square graphic organizer for explicit vocabulary instruction about four kinds of air masses. This kind of organizer provides students with a structure for learning the key words maritime polar air, maritime tropical air, continental polar air, and continental tropical air and concepts within this lesson.  By incorporating its use with the video in this lesson, students were able to distinguish between to four kinds of air masses. The video visually emphasized each of these key words to reinforce meaning. I believe four square note taking engaged students in my class as they appeared attentive and on task throughout the video while taking notes.  I explained to them they were using this as a reference sheet for our next assignment so it was important to be accurate with their details.  In general, using the four square for note taking was effective and beneficial for my students learning about air masses and fronts.

  Four Square Graphic Oragnizer
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Four Square Graphic Oragnizer
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3. Air Masses and Fronts Meet in the Sky...Oh My!

Unit 1: Weather
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Objective: SWBAT explain what happens when air masses meet in the air and how it affects local weather in an area

Big Idea: Students will forecast weather in a certain area on a map by identifying and collecting data on the air masses present in that area to determine weather

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air masses and fronts
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