Reflection: Student Grouping Law of Sines Introduction - Section 2: Discovering Law of Sines


During the development activity the students we asked to put a thumb up if they had completed the work and a thumb down if they were stuck. The students who had completed the activity found a student who was stuck and explained how to finish the work.

Here is an example of how a student helped another. The issue they are working on is finishing question 6 from the Law of Sines activity. The student is needing help with the algebra. I noticed as the students worked that the tutoring student correct the common error of canceling out the angle with the side. This happens a lot when students are working with the parameter C since the lower and uppercase C look the same.

The student has another error at the end of the video. When she divided the the parameter a the student drew the division under the c which means she is only dividing c and a. I talked to the student about this after I stopped the tape. I needed to spend some time with the student to help her understand the difference between asinC/c/a and asinC/ac. This is a structure issue that has caused this student some problems in the past.

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Law of Sines Introduction

Unit 6: Solving Problems Involving Triangles
Lesson 3 of 13

Objective: SWBAT use the right triangles to verify the Law of Sines.

Big Idea: Students prove the Law of Sines through a discovery activity.

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