Reflection: Accountability Interpreting Fossil Records - Section 2: Engagement


Because it seems my students are so eager to share that they don't necessarily listen to the people sharing before them, I really emphasized responding to students comments before sharing.  We created an anchor chart with sentence starters "I agree with...",  "I disagree with...", "I'd like to add on to ..." and "I heard you say..."

This really helps to reinforce that students are accountable for each other's comments, not just waiting for their turn to talk to me.  In small group discussions, there seems to be an observer (video camera?) effect, as they do revert right to talking to me about what's happening, and need redirection to talk about their ideas together.

  Facilitating Group Discussions
  Accountability: Facilitating Group Discussions
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Interpreting Fossil Records

Unit 4: Earth Science
Lesson 9 of 18

Objective: SWBAT use the relative time of fossils to answer questions about fossils.

Big Idea: How can you use fossil records to learn about life on earth?

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