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Globe Ball Toss

I selected a ball toss to engage students to activate their prior knowledge about weather and climate while incorporating geography skills.  It's an engaging activity because it allows students to be out of their seats and interact with their classmates. Since they do not know if the ball will be tossed to them, I remind them to remain attentive at all time. Before we begin the activity, I model a "safe" toss with a student by tossing the inflatable globe. I remind them to avoid the face and an underhand toss is best. 

Throughout the Globe Toss, I observe students following through with the safety rules as they toss it.  Once a student receives the globe and identifies the place and kind of weather expected, I write the name of the location and weather on the board. This gives me an indication on students geography awareness. At the end of our globe toss activity, students have an opportunity to review locations identified, possibly make a connection, and reflect on what they know about these locations and their weather and climate. 

Overall, I found students to be attentive throughout this activity. They would eagerly signal another person to have it tossed to them.  The only challenge for some students was if in some catches, a student's hand would be in the ocean. Some hesitated in identifying weather and climate of that area. I prompted them to consider their location in relation to the equator and to identify nearby areas to help them determine weather and/or climate.

  Globe Toss
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Globe Toss
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8. Weather's Impact on Climate (Day 1)

Unit 1: Weather
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Objective: SWBAT differentiate weather and climate after analyzing six climate regions and factors that influence the climate in that area.

Big Idea: Students will create a climate zone map by analyzing weather data for a specific region.

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