Reflection: Checks for Understanding Exploring Projectile Motion - Section 3: Direct Instruction on Formulas


The vast majority of students recorded the correct velocities for both component vectors and the velocity vector. They also make good observations about the behavior of the projectile in the simulation as evidenced on the student work example.

However, when it comes to drawing the component vectors, many students are not precise in how they draw them. They are the wrong size or in the wrong direction. I notice that several students draw one of the y-component vectors in the wrong direction, which is shown on the first student work example. The second sample shows the velocity vector and the y-component to changing for the last two points. 

I learned that it is important to circulate the room try to catch this mistakes while the students are doing the exercise. I also say out loud to the class a few times, "make sure your component vectors are pointing up/down or left/right!".  If a student has an error, I usually make them redraw it before they hand it in. 

  Checks for Understanding: Reflection on student work
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Exploring Projectile Motion

Unit 2: Forces in Two Dimensions
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Objective: Students analyze the velocity components of a projectile to discover that the horizontal component does not change and that the vertical component changes at 9.8 m/s^2.

Big Idea: Complicated situations of motion, such as projectiles, can be analyzed using component vectors.

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Newton's Laws, Science, Physical Science, kinematics, Projectile Motion, vector components, Guided Inquiry, physics, Forces
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projectile motion
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