Reflection: Gradual Release Preventing Changes From Wind and Water - Section 4: Sharing Our Inventions


My goal this year is to help students develop the ability to listen to one another and make helpful comments about the work or ideas of others. The students in this lesson were given several colored chips to use when commenting on other's inventions. These chips helped to remind students that they should be making comments. Without the chips the students might not have listened as carefully because they would not be held accountable. With the chips, students were reminded of their job to listen and comment. 

Second graders do not have a lot of experience with giving comments so practicing with a tangible reminder was a good way to start this process of listening and commenting.

  Commenting on Other's Work
  Gradual Release: Commenting on Other's Work
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Preventing Changes From Wind and Water

Unit 3: Understanding Our Earth
Lesson 13 of 13

Objective: SWBAT design a system to prevent changes to a landform by wind and water and write about why their idea will work

Big Idea: Students will use persuasive writing to explain a design that they have created.

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Science, wind (Weather), erosion, discussions, landforms
  85 minutes
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