Reflection: Organizational Systems Systems and Cells: Wrap up - Section 4: Clean-up


 "Miss, my mom wants me to ask for some extra credit so I can pass this class."

There are very few sentences on earth that can make me more mad than this one!  There are so many things wrong with it!  The fact that the mother is more concerned with the grade than the student learning.  The fact that the student has passed on all responsibility.  The fact that they think a grade can go from a bit of extra work.  The fact that I can magically create extra credit opportunities out of thin air.

All of these point out that extra credit is a con.  It is a way for teachers to reward students who they might personally like, but that haven't been able to learn the material.  It is a way for students and parents to cover up problems with learning and go for a quick fix.  It is a way that administrators can manipulate grades so it looks like more students are passing.  

For all of these reasons I hate extra credit.  But, sometimes, it isn't worth the battle.  Parents and students expect to have extra credit opportunities.  The way around this is simply to make the extra credit high-level work, that shows complex understanding, and earns very few mathematical points.  Then you have students doing the work, primarily because it is fun and challenging.  It doesn't change any grades but does give the students a chance to show understanding.  

  Why I hate extra credit!
  Organizational Systems: Why I hate extra credit!
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Systems and Cells: Wrap up

Unit 4: Life is Organized: Systems and Cells
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to use a technological metaphor to explain the organization of the body.

Big Idea: Without organization, the body would be a pile of mush!

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