Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Rocky Shore Animal Research - Section 4: Day Two - Flip Book Connections and Organizing Our Notes


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Not all teams were not ready to refer to their flip book on the 2nd day, as many teams had not finished with reading through their animal text. Next time I will provide more time for students to read their material.

Researchers who did refer to their flip book, were challenged to make the connection from a similar animal to their animal without me providing questions to scaffold their thinking. Students were able to follow the my modeling of the flipbook, but struggled to apply the flipbook information to their research independently.

In both research resources the flip book and the text, students were working with a newer reading comprehension skill: inference. It would help to have reader's workshop and guided reading practice on inference before starting the rocky shore animal research, especially since students were having to look for clues to infer about animal adaptations.

  Adjustments to Practice: Flip Book Resource
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Rocky Shore Animal Research

Unit 3: Unit 3 - Deep Ocean to Rocky Shore Adaptations and Submersible Designs
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Objective: SWBAT create a 'All About Book' on a selected rocky shore animal by applying their research and synthesizing their learning from the previous rocky shore lesson.

Big Idea: Student refer to informational text and class notes to write an 'All About Book' on their chosen rocky shore animal.

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