Reflection: Trust and Respect Review Jeopardy for Unit 2: Electron Configuration & Bonding - Section 3: Game Play


I found that my students did really well as a whole in both playing the game following the rules and in providing correct answers.  The variety of categories allowed for a thorough review of the necessary concepts to do well on their following unit assessment and allowed students to shine as they showed what they had learned.  Students who typically are shy in sharing out were forced outside of their comfort zones by the requirement to represent their team in answering questions, and because the game flow was a regular pattern, students could anticipate when their turn would be and mentally prepare.  The students were very good sports and there really wasn't any teasing for wrong answers or put-downs of any students.  In fact, the students who typically do not participate or who maybe would not usually be expected to perform well by their peers were getting cheers and pats on the back for getting answers right.  I was almost surprised that students were so encouraging and supportive of correct answers.  It was almost "cool" to know your chemistry, which pretty much made my week!

Luckily, while it happened about twice in each period that neither student ventured a guess, not responding was NOT the trend.  In fact, students seemed to pressure their representatives to at least take a guess and offered support when students guessed wrong.  The overwhelming message within the class was that it was better to guess and be wrong than not to attempt at all, which surprised me as well.  I like that there is a culture developing within my class that allows students to take risks and that the group is embracing this idea.  

  Reflecting on Game Play and Results
  Trust and Respect: Reflecting on Game Play and Results
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Review Jeopardy for Unit 2: Electron Configuration & Bonding

Unit 2: Electron Configuration & Bonding
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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate proficiency and prepare for their end of unit assessment by working in teams to score points in a "Jeopardy" like setting.

Big Idea: Electron configurations help predict bond types; Bond types help predict chemical behavior of compounds.

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