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Making meaning from graphs is a challenging skill, one that must be practiced and applied in order to reach a level of mastery. The challenge if interpretation is compounded when there are multiple moving parts that give rise to the data from the graphs are built. Much of my curriculum is built around integrated Earth Systems science idea and this unit in particular includes Earth/Sun system, atmospheric changes, heat/pressure, Earth rotation, Coriolis Effect, Water cycle etc. As the lessons progress I ask that my students keep each of the parts in mind as we build towards making and explaining forecasts of weather. 

Providing my students the space to play with the models, make observations, be comfortable with the limits to what they know, and test out ideas with some pushback and questioning from their peers and teacher are part of this learning process. 

  Value of Working with Graphs and Data
  High Expectations: Value of Working with Graphs and Data
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Heat and Pressure in the Atmosphere.

Unit 2: Effects of Heat Energy Transfers on Earth's Atmosphere
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Objective: SWBAT identify and describe patterns of similar temperature and pressure (isobars and isotherms) over a given geographic region.

Big Idea: Students bring together their ideas of heat and pressure to identify and construct isobar and isotherm maps.

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