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In this unit, I don't teach students to cross multiply.  In the 6th grade, students need to build a conceptual understanding of ratio relationships.  In the 7th grade, students build on this and expand their understanding of proportionality.  I also wait on showing students how to convert a percent into a decimal and multiply; first, I want them really internalizing the idea that percent is a special ratio out of 100.  

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Percentage Equations

Unit 6: Unit Rate Applications and Percents
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: SWBAT find percent of a number by writing and solving an equation.

Big Idea: To find the percent of a number, you can set up an equation to find an equivalent ratio to the part out of one hundred.

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Math, Percentages, Number Sense and Operations, Operations , percent, ratios, percent, percentages
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