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Although I love teaching Greek Mythology, I only spend one day on the topic. My rationale for this is that with the new Common Core students study Greek Mythology much earlier.  Additionally, with the popularity of books like Percy Jackson students are coming to my classroom with more knowledge. This is wonderful for me because as you know Greek Mythology is not part of 7th grade common core and goodness knows we do not need to add to our lot.  However, a basic background is needed to understand language and references that are reflective of Greek Mythology.  So, my goal is to (hopefully) refresh their memory and build on what is already there to establish and understanding of the role of Greek Mythology in what we read and how we speak and write.

With that said, this lesson could certainly be extended over two days depending upon your students and personal situation.

  Why only one day?
  Why only one day?
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Greek Mythological Influence

Unit 2: Literary Reading - "Sooner or later, everything old is new again." Part 1
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Objective: SWBAT identify both major characters from Greek Mythology and its influence on our language and stories.

Big Idea: The culture that "launched a thousand" others.

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greek mythology in todays culture
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