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The amount of homework that is appropriate has been debated much. Some studies have found that increasing the amount of homework doesn´t result in more or better learning. Keeping homework to a minimum and only assigning content that is simply an extension of what was learned in class has worked for me. I also try to be very flexible and differentiate, giving different amounts and/or different homework problems to certain students. This is completely fair and my students know I do this. 

With topics like this one (square roots and exponents), being tactful is quite important. Giving too many similar type exercises will bore students and these may even lose respect for the content. Although the exercises may be in increasing order of difficulty, all questions involve skills covered in class. 

  Don´t over do it with homework
  Routines and Procedures: Don´t over do it with homework
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Multiply and Divide Square Roots

Unit 4: Powers and Exponents
Lesson 10 of 16

Objective: SWBAT multiply, divide, and simplify expressions involving square roots.

Big Idea: Similar to powers, square roots distribute over products and quotients. This is a key lesson for fluency in operating with square roots.

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Math, Algebra, Simplifying Equations and Expressions, Exponents and Exponential Functions, 8th grade math, square root, Power of a product, Power of a Quotient
  52 minutes
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